Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

I am finally writing something again. Pretty despicable, I know. It has been awhile but I am back on track.

Thanksgiving Week commences with the Annual Gilbert Days 5K. This is our second year competing in this event with Jon's brother, Josh. This year, Jon's Aunt Sally joined us.

...It also took only two years for someone in the Blum family to get disqualified from the 5K. (Surprisingly, this is not the first disqualification from Parks & Rec, but in this sport it is.) Take a look at the picture above. Hint: the person not wearing a number. What a rule breaker! He actually got disqualified because he ran the race in 22 minutes and then turned around and ran the last leg again with me. (I did not slim my time as much as Jon. I actually had the same time as last year with a three second deviation.) Here is the incriminating picture.

I went to school for two days and then began the marathon of Thanksgiving celebration. Thanksgiving was a great day because it included my two favorites: rutabaga and Sweet Potato. I'm not one of those Green Bean Casserole fanatics. I surprised my Dad by visiting him at the hospital since he had to work. It was great to spend time with him and my mom and aunts.

On Friday, Jonathan went back to his alma mater to play basketball with his old high school teammates. It was great to see him play. Unfortunately, he played three hours of strenuous activity and thus, he had to take a nap. He didn't feel so hot and said he felt dehydrated when I woke him. The firefighter solution is to "hook a brother up" literally. And let's do it at the dining room table. And while we are at it, we can train anyone who is interesting in learning how to create a line for an IV.
It wasn't very long before they were on to bigger assignments. Jonathan had decided a week before that he thought it would be fun to do a night at the movies outside. Josh, Jon, & Ryan built a big screen using wood and a white sheet. They did a great job and a hour later we were out front with two fire pits, blankets, smores and How the Grinch Stole Christmas & Remember the Titans.

The last great adventure included sailing over Gilbert at 100 feet...and it wasn't by plane. It was in a big ladder. Jon took his cousin up who is very interested in the fire profession.