Monday, June 29, 2009


For those of you who aren't familiar with the DIY network, it is a channel dedicating to "do it yourself" episodes everything from tiling to painting to drywalling. Jonathan loves this network and unfortunately we don't have this channel any longer. (Jon is devastated.)

I hate watching these shows because it makes me feel unproductive. It seems counterintuitive to watch other people do things. Since I am very much a doer, I get antsy watching other people do things and not be able to participate. (I also have the vice of impatience.) Nonetheless, there is the show called Rock Solid and they build rock walls and tile things. If Jon could be anything other than a firefighter, I think he would be Dean or Derek on Rock Solid. He is such a fan he has even sent them e-mails on questions and concerns he has. I have watched more Rock Solid than I ever wanted to.

Recently, I have been on a project roll - below are pictures of my latest project. Thanks to my lovely Aunt Kathy, I received two end tables. I spent some love and care on them. First, I sanded them down, put several fresh coats of paint, finished with some new hardware. I hope all those hours of watching DIY shows aren't in vain. I'm curious - what do you think?

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  1. Looks great!!! I've never heard of the show but I'm impressed!

  2. The cabinet looks great! I get all these crazy ideas for projects to do...but somehow never get around to doing them or can't figure out how to make what I want to happen happen. I'm impressed with your craftiness!

  3. Thanks ladies! Katie, I know how you feel!