Thursday, June 25, 2009


I was hesitant about starting a blog for several reasons. On the age of the blackberry, reality TV, Facebook, Twitter, and various other forums, I feel these outlets allow for narcissism and self-indulgence to unfold. Yet, I myself love and use these devices and although people say do I really care you are "going to get coffee" or "I am off to work", there is something comforting in knowing what others are doing. We feel comforted in the fact that others are doing the little simple things as well. And aren't humans just curious little creatures?

Another reason that I am cautious is I don't have a child. Most people that have blogs these days post pictures and status updates of their child. This goes along with my whole narcissism thought process. Am I narcissistic for posting blogs?

Lastly, I worry about who reads this. How much information do I want to convey to readers (assuming I have any) and who will be reading this on the other side? There is something vulnerable about posting a virtual diary for anyone to read.

...I felt the urge to disclose all my hesitations but to counter-argue the main reason I write is: I want my brother to hear the crazy details and idiosyncrasies that occur back home. I have never moved but I have taken several extended vacations and its not the big things you miss. It's the small details that don't pop up in conversation where conversation doesn't bear revealing.

So here we go. I am now entering the age of blogging.


  1. Yeah! Glad you have a blog too! Will you please post daily pictures of Zoey on here? I saw a little Shih-tzu while I was visiting Toledo yesterday and my heart melted. I think the girl I was with thought I was crazy at that moment with my reaction.

  2. Speaking of animals... don't tell Mom, but I think I am allergic to Night-Night. I thought I was getting sick because my throat was acting up and I kept coughing. I recently realized that it always goes away when I am outside... suspicious.
    Glad I packed benedryll!